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Final Shot in 2021

2021 will be the first full year in the life of Final Shot. When I started this blog back in October, I didn’t really know what to expect – I suppose I thought it would just be a sensible way to build my portfolio of writing and reviews, and would perhaps be read by a few friends in passing, but would be of limited interest to a wider audience. However, I have been greatly encouraged by the comments and compliments I have had so far, and am keen to take Final Shot further this year. To that end, I have been thinking about what to add to the blog for the new year, how to keep things interesting, and what features I’m going to run in 2021, all of which I wish to tease in this new year’s post.

You may have noticed that some of these improvements have already been added to the site – most prominently Featured Posts on the homepage and at the bottom of every article, and an improved system of tags that will help you navigate the blog and find your desired content more easily. I want to share with you some of the other ways I intend to mix up the content on the site, keeping it original and worth reading while changing its form to make it accessible and enjoyable for everyone. Primarily, this means that I will diversify my output, with the following types of post:

  • Straight Reviews – These are the standard posts of around 800-1000 words that will continue to make up the majority of the content of Final Shot, with the aim still to give my opinions upon a first watch of highly regarded movies and television shows.

  • Take 2 – A variation on the Straight Review where I give my opinions upon a re-watch of a film, and consider whether my opinions have changed and how far circumstance and expectation play a part in the cinema experience.

  • New Releases – I will endeavour to watch and review more new releases in the new year than I managed in 2020. And hopefully theatres will re-open at some point and all those movies we’ve been anticipating will be unleashed upon us like a cinematic tsunami.

  • Flash Reviews – A shorter post of 250 words or less in which I will try to summarise the appeal or experience of a movie in as concise a manner as possible. A quicker read to give you the feel of a film, rather than the detailed picture of its pros and cons.

  • Deep Focus – The opposite of a Flash Review in that these posts will delve into a film in more detail, providing a fuller analysis of an aspect of the movie. These posts will focus more on studying the film academically or analytically rather than simply reviewing it, but will also likely be quite rare because of the time and effort they take to write.

  • Snapshots – A close look at a certain scene or sequence of a film, the snapshot from which we can learn a lot about the film’s nature. These posts will be detailed but limited in scope, revealing the secrets certain works of cinema hold without being too much of an effort to read and understand.

  • Lists – Everybody loves lists, they are easy to consume, entertaining and fun to argue about. 2021 will be the year list-style posts are introduced to Final Shot.

A little treat for superhero fans is coming in the next few days...

There you have it then, plenty of different formats to sink your teeth into, and something for all film fans to read and enjoy. And with these different formats comes new featured content. Final Shot’s first feature in 2021 will be a look back on the last 10 years of the Oscars, and the films nominated for the Best Picture statuette. I also have an “A-Z of cinema” feature planned, where I watch a film beginning with each letter of the alphabet, and something exciting for when Christmastime rolls around again. All this, plus, if any of the planned major sporting events actually go ahead this year, I’m sure I can find a way to combine my two great loves – sport and cinema – into a feature that brings a more global feel to the reviews on Final Shot.

All of these planned projects will come with plenty of opportunity for interaction – a chance for you to tell me how wrong I am about something or recommend to me what I should watch next. There are two great ways to make sure you get involved, and don’t miss out on any of the exciting posts this year. The first is to join Final Shot as a subscriber or member. You can do this with very little effort so that you can comment on posts and make sure you never miss another article. Just click “subscribe” at the top of the page or “log-in” in the comments section at the bottom of this post to very quickly and easily take one of these options and show your support to the blog. Alternatively, an option for those of you who don’t wish to be pestered with emails every time I post is to follow me on Twitter @BenSpicer14. I know how lazy some of you are, so here’s the link to my profile so you have no excuse not to hit that Follow button: https://twitter.com/benspicer14. On Twitter, not only do I Tweet to promote every article I write on Final Shot, I also Re-Tweet and share other interesting film content, and even occasionally try and be funny. You really are missing out if you don’t follow me.

So happy 2021! Let’s hope this year is better than the last, and that you continue to enjoy reading and interacting with Final Shot as it expands and prospers in its first full year of life.

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