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  • Ben Spicer

Flash Review: Coco

The Pixar Formula:

  • Top-class, recognisable animation style

  • Blatant emotional manipulation

  • Gentle morality

  • A lovable underdog lead character who the audience all root for

  • Quirky side-characters who provide the humour and/or cuteness

Coco (Adrian Molina and Lee Unkrich, 2017) checks all these boxes, without doing too much more. It is exactly as you would expect a well-crafted Pixar film to be, but lacks the magic of their best work. It is simply a chance for them to show off a new world and culture whilst staying true to their own formula. You will sit down, you will laugh, you will probably cry, and then in about an hour and a half, it will all be over. It is satisfying if not quite outstanding. In fact, the biggest disappointment I had from this movie was the lack of songs. For a film centred around a passion for music, catchy or affecting tunes are notably absent. The film tries to build a running motif around the mariachi-infused song “Remember Me?”. Will I remember it? Certainly not the song. As for the movie itself, only time will tell.

At time of writing, Coco is available to watch on Disney+.

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