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Final Shot offers a fresh take on the movies by reviewing acclaimed cinema - 20th century classics and 21st century masterpieces, all the way up to new releases as they touch down in our theatres and on our television screens. Re-examining cinema through British, 21st-century eyes, we will present brutally and wonderfully honest opinions from our unique standpoint, and judge whether films stand the test of time. We will also provide recommendations and help UK viewers find new favoutires on the major streaming platforms. Furthermore, Final Shot is a film blog with a difference: every post will focus on the final moments of a movie, and the way in which the best endings can dwell in the memory, holding you in their enticing grasp long after the credits have rolled. Our entertaining, well-written film reviews will give you one more chance to both reflect upon and re-experience great cinema, and discover hidden gems to satisfy your cinephilia. So dive in, get reading, and explore the global and historic world of film!


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